About Munitech

About Munitech

Munitech was founded in 1991 ostensibly to supply road sweeper brushes and wear parts to the municipal industry. Having seen the lack of quality products being supplied generally, the company moved into the manufacturing of its own range of products.

Over the years Munitech has grown to cover a much larger area, both in product range and geographic area. In 2008 Teksweep Ltd acquired the trading name Munitech and the brand was established. In May 2013 Colco Holdings Ltd Acquired Teksweep Ltd and became part of the group.

Teksweep Ltd trading as Munitech now manufactures a full range of brushes and wear parts for a variety of road sweepers on the market including parts for refuse vehicles. The evidence of the quality of our products is demonstrated by the supply to one of the major road sweeper companies for over 10 years with compatible equipment. Our range also includes brooms, gloves, shovels, litter pickers, work wear, foot wear and electrical switch gear.

We can offer next day deliveries nationwide by competitively priced courier or by our fully equipped vans.

Mission Statement and Quality Policy

Mission Statement & Quality Policy

Munitech have established a quality product and service standard, to achieve a high level of performance at competitive prices to satisfy the requirements of our customers, together with any applicable specification, national standard whilst meeting the financial needs of our company

We aim to achieve the following quantifiable goals:

A Profitable, sustainable and growing business, through the identification and satisfaction of our customers' needs at competitive prices within our industry.

Continual improvement in both customer satisfaction and in house performance.

Establishing an environment in which the commitment of all individuals is to achieve a high level of excellence.

Close relationships with key suppliers to ensure that products and services, fully conform to requirements and are available to our customers and a commitment to a zero defect environment, both in terms of product and service quality.

We recognise that all employees are key to our success and are responsible for the quality and performance of our products. Training and employee development is vital within the company for all areas.

The documented quality policy, system, its procedures and standing instructions are subject to Quarterly continual improvement reviews and the annual Management Review for their effectiveness and improved as required. Customer satisfaction surveys are key to the quality assurance programme and their perception of Teksweep Ltd T/A Munitech which shall also be reviewed and be subject to improvement as required.

Sara Cole
Managing Director

Supplier Code of Conduct


Main Principles for Suppliers

Munitech delivers an end to end logistics and supply service the UK councils and contractors. We are fully aware of the responsibility we bear toward our customers, employees and the communities in which we work. Thus, we have given ourselves a strict set of ethical values to guide us in our business dealings.

We expect all our suppliers, i.e., all companies who do business with the Supply Chain, to adhere to the same ethical principles. For this purpose, Munitech has drawn up this Supplier Code of Conduct, which sets the standards for doing business with us.

Laws and Ethical Standards

The supplier shall comply with all laws applicable to its business. The supplier should support the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as the 1998 International Labour Organisation Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, in accordance with national law and practice. This especially applies to:

Child Labour

The supplier employs no children under the age of 15. If national laws or regulations allow children between the ages of 13 and 15 to perform light work, such work is not permitted under any circumstances if it would hinder a minor from the completion of compulsory schooling or training, or if the employment would be harmful to their health or development (reference: ILO Convention 138(7)).

Forced Labour

The supplier shall make no use of forced or compulsory labour.

Compensation and Working Hours

The supplier shall comply with the respective national laws and regulations regarding working hours, wages and benefits.


The supplier does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation or gender.

Health & Safety

We expect our suppliers to strive to implement the standards of occupational health and safety at a high level. The supplier complies with applicable occupational health and safety regulations and provides a work environment that is safe and conducive to good health, in order to preserve the health of employees and prevent accidents, injuries and work related illnesses.

Business Continuity Planning

The supplier shall be prepared for any disruptions of its business (e.g. natural disasters, terrorism, software viruses, illness, pandemic, infectious diseases). This preparedness especially includes disaster plans to protect both employees and the environment as far as possible from the effects of possible disasters that arise within the domain of operations.

Improper Payments/Bribery

The supplier shall comply with international anti-bribery standards as stated in the United Nations' Global Compact and local anti-corruption and bribery laws including The Bribery Act 2010. In particular, the supplier may not offer services, gifts or benefits of the Supply Chain employees in order to influence the employee's conduct in representing the Supply Chain.


The supplier shall comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards as well as implement an effective system to identify and eliminate potential hazards to the environment.

We expect our suppliers to strive to support environmental Supply Chains climate protection goals through the products and services they deliver (e.g. by providing relevant data on climate protection). In this regard, we also expect our suppliers to take climate protection appropriately into account in their own operations, for example by setting climate protection goals for themselves and achieving them.

Business Partner Dialogue

The supplier shall communicate the principles stated in the Supplier Code of Conduct and detailed above to its subcontractors and other business partners who are involved in supplying the products and services described in the main contract. The supplier shall motivate such parties to adhere to the same standards.

Compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct

Munitech reserves the right, upon reasonable notice, to check compliance with the requirements of the Supplier Code of Conduct. Munitech encourages its suppliers to implement their own binding guidelines for ethical behavior.

Main Principles For Suppliers

The supplier encourages its suppliers to adhere to the ethical standards, human rights, health and safety standards and environmental standards upon which this agreement is based, as part of fulfilling their contractual obligations.

Any breach of the obligations stipulated in this Supplier Code of Conduct is considered a material breach of contract by the supplier.