Handi Hoop- Helping Hand

Handi Hoop- Helping Hand


Handihoop Large - Helping Hand

Designed to fit any standard bin bag, this is the most popular Handihoop Bag Opener.

The simple and lightweight hoop easy to use, comfy to carry, robust and just makes any type of litter collection so much easier. Whether a volunteer, street cleansing operative, janitorial, school, landscaper, a bin bag is never going to stay open by itself.

Reusable, lightweight, a simple clip-system, litterpicking has never been easier.

Helping Hand Product Code: HA09101

Key features:
41cm (16”) aperture
5 clip-system with a simple ‘clip and close’ action
Fits any standard bin bag for an easy to use solution when litterpicking

Price: 12.46 (14.95 Including VAT at 20%)